This document contains the entire contents of the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT ('EULA') between Free Media Player and the legal users of our Free Media Player ('Free Media Player') software.

On condition that you consent to the terms as set forth in this EULA, Free Media Player ('we', 'us', or 'our') will make available to you access to the Free Media Player software package and an associated license key ('The License' or 'License') to implement the software on a single computer system. So as to prevent confusion, please read the full terms of this EULA. By acquiring The License, you are obligating yourself to abide by and to meet the conditions herein written. Furthermore, you hereby confirm that this EULA is a legally enforceable document. If you DO NOT accept and agree to the exact terms of this EULA, do not proceed with our Free Media Player license acquisition process. By the terms 'user', 'you', or 'your' we are defining a single entity or individual who has agreed to the contents of this EULA.

The License In exchange for your compliance to the terms of this EULA, Free Media Player grants you a nonexclusive license to install, activate, and operate Free Media Player within limits of the following specific but not all-inclusive terms: 1. Providing that all copyrights, ownership notifications, trademarks, logos, and other associated propriety rights and non-disclosure information is included, you may produce a single backup copy of Free Media Player for your own archive files; 2. You may install and use Free Media Player on a network so long as the number of simultaneous users is limited to the quantity of your legally acquired licenses; 3. Within the limits of expected and reasonable productivity, you may use the display and print components of Free Media Player to produce personal documents and graphics; 4. Providing that you retain no copies, backups, or associated components of our Free Media Player software, you may transfer The License and the original software, including all original documentation, to another person; 5. You MAY NOT reproduce, duplicate, or otherwise create multiple copies of The License or the Free Media Player software; 6. You MAY NOT lease, rent, lend, or share any part of Free Media Player or The License; 7. You MAY NOT decrypt, disassemble, adapt, translate, or otherwise modify or attempt to modify or create a derivative works from the Free Media Player source code; 8. You MAY NOT claim an association with Free Media Player either through implication or express statement; 9. You MAY NOT copy or display any of our logos, copyright notices, trademark symbols, or other name branding items for personal or business use.

Proprietary Rights and Non-Disclosure You agree that The License is a limited right to use component and that Free Media Player remains the sole owner of Free Media Player in authorship, ideals, documentation, source code, look and feel, content, and any other operation specific components. Civil and criminal law, including United States copyright law and the trade secret, trademark, and patent laws of other countries and international treaties protect our proprietary intellectual rights to Free Media Player. You confirm that this is a non-contestable truth. Furthermore, you agree to defend and protect your License to Free Media Player from misuse and/or illegal manipulation. You agree that you will not use or attempt to use Free Media Player for any illegal purposes, malicious functions, or abusive behavior. You also agree that you will not aid, or through inaction permit, any such activities by a third party. Indemnification Free Media Player is purposed for legal use. We do not condone using Free Media Player for the collection or manipulation of improperly licensed media content. You may not use Free Media Player as a means of accessing and using materials for which you do not have the legal copyright, licenses, or authorization to use. You agree to indemnify and defend Free Media Player and its affiliates against any charges or claims that may arise from your use and application of our software.

Furthermore, you agree to accept full financial responsibility for any court costs, attorney fees, and settlements that may result from your illegal or misapplication of Free Media Player. No Warranty Free Media Player issues Free Media Player without warranty of any type, either express or implied. We make no statements concerning the software’s usability or function ability for any given or perceived user purpose. The software is furnished 'AS IS'. You are accountable for the methods of usage and for the results. Allowing for limited warranty exclusions as are sometimes mandated by local applicable laws, Free Media Player provides no guarantee concerning the accuracy or reliability of information that is gathered by use of Free Media Player. Whether listed as consequential damages, data replacement expenses, costs of business interruptions, loss of profits, or any outer expense Free Media Player accepts neither liability nor responsibility for damages or losses that may arise from use of the software. Furthermore, you agree that Free Media Player shall never be held liable for more that the value of what you paid for the software.

This software uses code of FFmpeg licensed under the LGPLv2.1 and its source can be downloaded here

The source code for the open source libraries used in Free Media Player is available FFmpeg
Free Media Player itself is not open source software.